I'm an inventor, maker and teacher. 

A lifetime of making, experimenting and inventing for the aviation industry, for the theatre (and for fun) has given me a love of science and its presence in our everyday lives.

For over 20 years now I have enjoyed imparting my love of learning to school children of all ages using eccentric experiments and crazy contraptions.

I engage and encourage all the children to question and suggest ideas; making links with their existing knowledge, experiences, intuition and the world around them…all whilst having a lot of fun!

They might be initially puzzled and confused as their knowledge is stretched and modified but there are no 'party tricks' to leave the children baffled and bewildered.

My workshops are by no means 'set in stone' and the children's questions frequently send us all off at a tangent that is relevant, fun and engaging whilst giving them a sense of directing the content.

All this brings the world of science easily within their grasp.        They’ll learn without spotting it.